Allgaier Process Technology's equipment system solutions are supported by its reputable core brands: Allgaier, Mogensen, Gosag and Mozer. We deliver both standardized and tailored systems and equipment for industrial drying and cooling, screening, sizing, sorting, washing, and density separation.

Based on our extensive experience from years of product testing and engineering, we can help improve process applications in a wide variety of sectors such as food, feed, waste, recycling, mining, metallurgy, as well as biofuels, wood, ceramics, plastics, crude and manufactured minerals, and chemicals and pharmaceuticals.


Allgaier's dryer systems are engineered on the fundamental principles of rotating drum dryers and fluidized bed technology. In many applications, the dried or heated product must also be cooled before further processing.

Our combination drying and cooling systems allow for both processes to be accomplished in a single machine. This results is a smaller equipment footprint in your plant and less material handling in your production process.

Our technology applications include:

  • building materials
  • minerals
  • chemicals
  • plastics
  • ceramics
  • animal feed and pellets
  • fertilizer
  • pigments
  • recycling
  • and biofuels
Low operating costs

Gentle on materials

Combined drying & cooling


Allgaier offers a wide range of modern and high-quality classifier screening and sizing solutions to fit any application.

Our equipment can handle the spectrum of material types and characteristics including:

  • ultrafine powder (particle sizes of less than one millimeter)
  • small, heavy, and light particles
  • dry, dusty, wet and sticky materials
Up to 99% accuracy

Gas tight inner seals

Throughput up to 40 tph


The combination of the latest optical technology and intelligent engineering makes our sorting machines essential tools in reusable material recovery applications with the highest level of separation accuracy.

Relatively simple sorting tasks can be solved with less complicated processes on the back end.

Higher throughput with a smaller machine footprint

Low-maintenance operation

Extremely accurate sorting with low error rate


Performance and accuracy of Allgaier's washing systems are significantly higher than conventional washing wheels or augers.

Allgaier washing solutions are used in various applications, such as:

  • cleaning minerals and sand
  • removing foreign particles
  • handling sludge and contaminated soils
  • producing high-performance sands,
  • as well as adapting grain size distribution of particle mixtures.

Depending on the task facing the client, a modular system makes it possible to choose between pumps, motors, tank systems and hydrocyclones.

High water recovery rate

Suitable for any sand processing application

Low-maintenance operation



Allgaier is an industry leader in developing technology for separating two dry materials with a different density. This technology is used successfully in many applications such as:

  • recycling (compost, rubble from demolition work, aluminium, etc)
  • wood
  • food and drink
  • chemical
Effective use for moist applications

Rated for severe operating conditions

Optional de-dusting system


Allgaier Process Technology is a full-service provider of design, engineering, and construction management services. We also provide expert controls design and deployment. Allgaier will be with you for the whole duration of your project right through to installation and commisioning.

We also have a full complement of testing services including experimental investigations, product design and
demonstrations. Our testing services cover all technologies of drying, cooling and screening applications. We can help with semi-scaled sizes to determine the best practice to scale up your processing operation.