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Aftermarket Parts

Replacement parts are about value, not cost. A less expensive component or screen that does not last is not of value to the people tasked with keeping a machine or process running and producing product in a timely manner to meet requirements.

Mogensen and Allgaier engineers designed and built your machine with your specific requirements in mind. Doesn’t it make sense that replacing components when required with ones that have the same quality and exacting standards?


In North America, we are THE source for OEM components and expertise in the operation of Allgaier and Mogensen equipment.



All Components that Make up Your Equipment

  • Replacement of worn items with exact items from the original blueprints
  • Finished and painted to original equipment standards

Wearable/Consumable Components

  • Mesh-cleaning Balls in a variety of sizes and materials
  • Connecting Sleeves (sometimes called “Hoses”) in a variety of materials to meet you abrasive or hygiene needs 
  • Screens, custom-made to exacting standards by the people who know your machine best, of the best-quality high-carbon and stainless steel (If it’s just another screen to your supplier then whose interest do they really have?)
  • Screens, round, rectangular, for all Allgaier and Mogensen equipment, supplied from North America for fast delivery at the best price 
  • Preventative Maintenance components like bolts, clamp handles and brackets, springs, support bars and inspection port covers manufactured to OEM standards
  • Sealing Components to ensure your Mogensen or Allgaier equipment meets sanitary and environmental standards and requirements
  • Wear-elements inside your Mogensen equipment are designed to take the repeated impact of the incoming material without wearing the machine itself – replaceable elements

Aftermarket Service

In order to get the most out of your investment in Allgaier or Mogensen equipment you need the peace of mind of knowing someone has your back. Whether it is initial commissioning and training in safely operating your machines, or a knowledgeable source to discuss productivity or performance changes you are seeing, Allgaier Process Technology is here. 


The new Aftermarket support staff of customer service and engineering have the
experience and the commitment
to answer your questions and solve your problems.




The installation and start-up of your new Allgaier or Mogensen equipment is that much easier with an experienced Allgaier Processing Technology engineer or service technician by your side. Be sure to discuss this options with us as you make final plans for the purchase of your new equipment.

  • Owner’s Manuals, installation instructions, start-up sequencing and machine performance optimization
  • On-site assistance from experienced Aftermarket Engineers/Technicians available

Preventative Maintenance Consulting

Making the most of your scheduled PM is critical to ensure your entire process continues to operate between shutdowns. If you think PM is costly, unplanned shutdowns are even more costly because of the lost productivity.

  • Pre-PM inspections and consulting with recommendations for which components to change-out on your Allgaier or Mogensen equipment
  • Ordering and staging of PM components delivered ahead of your PM window

New Component Installation Assistance

Adding features or upgrading elements of your Allgaier or Mogensen equipment.

  • Consultation with your in-house or third-party maintenance or installation professionals
  • On-site assistance is available from experiences Aftermarket Engineers/Technicians


Employee turn-over, new requirements, etc. can leave you with opportunities to ensure your team is properly focused and trained on the safe and proper operation of your Allgaier or Mogensen equipment.

  • Allgaier Process Technology Materials on safe operation of the equipment
  • Assistance in developing your own Allgaier or Mogensen safety materials
  • On-site training available from qualified Aftermarket Engineers/Technicians

Refurbishment of Existing Allgaier and Mogensen Equipment

Continue to get the most out of your Allgaier Process Technology equipment by replacing major components at your site.

  • Components made from the original or upgraded materials
  • Manufactured to the same exacting standards as the original machine from the original design drawings


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