about us

Allgaier was founded in 1906 in the southern German town of Göppingen. After finding success over the years in producing parts for the automotive industry, the company branched out to producing screening machines in the mid-1950s... and the Process Technology division was born. After several years of expansion and technology acquisitions, Allgaier is now called Allgaier-Group and is headquartered in Uhingen, Germany.

This is where we come in! In 2011, Allgaier-Group established an office in West Chester, Ohio. The success of our group now has lead to further expansion with the opening of our office in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the US operations of Allgaier-Group's Process Technology division, our team at Allgaier Process Technology, Inc. is committed to helping our clients achieve success.


Allgaier Process Technology, INC. is an experienced global process technology solutions provider focused on quality, excellence, and the success of our customers.




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